The data we collect

We collect the data you give us in files and tables. We also collect the user data that you give us: your email address, your username and your password. Additionally log we some actions you take. Above and beyond that, we use Mixpanel to collect pseudonymous data about visitors to TableRig and we make it personally identifiable if you register or log in.

How we collect data

Mixpanel collects data via a Javascript plugin for your browser. Log data is collected when you undertake an action on TableRig. The file and table data is what you give us directly.

How we use data

We use the file, table and user data you give us to operate our service for you and others. We use the log data to debug errors and inform development. We use Mixpanel data to inform marketing and promotion decisions. We don't share the log data with anyone else. We don't share the Mixpanel with anyone else (except Mixpanel). We do share your file, table or user data with other users except where you have marked a file or table as private.

What control you have over your data

You can always ask us to delete or change data on your behalf. See the contact page if you have need to do that..

How we protect users' data

TableRig is ultimately a data service and we take every reasonable step to keep private data private.